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Break out the Champagne...
SookePoint's launched new Surfside Yacht Suites!

Sail into the Sunset

Fifty million years ago, molten lava flowed south into the Salish Sea, forming a solid rock peninsula we call SookePoint. This is the extreme SW Tip of Canada, surrounded by a rich undersea garden that attracts an abundance of salmon and magnificent marine mammals, and is the new home of the Centre for Whale Research.

To deliver a lifetime of amazing front row experiences, SookePoint has special approval to build 'Ocean Cottages' & 'Yacht Suites' three to six times closer to the water than almost anywhere else.

Here you’ll feel like you’re on a luxury adventure cruise, yet be safely anchored on solid rock just 5 metres (16 feet) from the ocean. Nautical prow-shape decks and huge opening walls of glass maximize your line of sight from the sky above, deep into the emerald sea below.

If you are interested in securing the finest ringside seats for exciting nature shows, romantic sunsets and adrenaline storm watching on the leading edge of Canada’s South Pacific, nothing can compare with a Surfside Yacht Suite. That is a simple statement of fact.

SookePoint will have only seven levels of Surfside Yacht Suites. One level rises up, and six step down over the cliff, ever closer to our most active oceanfront on the starboard bow of our private south-pointing peninsula.

Waves roll into Surfside Isle from the open Pacific, where depending on the rhythm, of the sea, you’ll hear everything from a gentle whisper to a surround-sound symphony, complete with a visual orchestra of surging surf, cascading waterfalls and swirling silver spray.

And for those who love terrestrial whale watching, where we are captivated and the orcas swim free, you can’t beat a Surfside Yacht Suite, right at the intersection of Orca Alley & Sea Lion Central.

Surfside Yacht Suites have all of our best Ocean Cottage features, built into a much heavier concrete structure, complete with an underground parkade.

You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the Grotto Spa, just an elevator ride away, and have equally convenient access to the Surfside Restaurant, Centre for Whale Research, SW Tip of Canada Pavilion, Ocean Fitness Club and the Boardwalk.


From Surfside’s Rooftop Gardens you can savour scenic outdoor barbecues with family and friends, in a microclimate with the least rainfall on the Wild West Coat and the warmest winters in Canada. Here you can appreciate brilliant stargazing, enjoy 360’ panoramic views to watch the sun and moon rise over our lush adjoining Wilderness Park, survey the majesty of our snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range to the south, and perhaps witness the elusive green flash as the sun sinks into the open Pacific.

SookePoint’s unique cloverleaf peninsula has dramatic wrap-around oceanfront like nowhere else. And in just 5 minutes down our magic rabbit hole in the Park, you can escape into our neighboring verdant wonderland, and relax in peaceful seclusion on a pocket beach surrounded by 3,500 acres of True Wilderness, complete with 50 km (30 miles) of enchanting forest pathways and 10 km (6 miles) of pristine waterfront.

Hike the six-hour (one way) Coast Trail, one of the premiere day hikes in Canada, with its tidal pools, pelagic cormorant roost, ancient petroglyphs, and a perfect nature-scape view of forest and sea that spans more than 100 square miles.

There is nowhere else that is so close, yet feels so far away, At SookePoint, you can join the orcas trophy fishing. Kayak among the humpbacks, eagles, seals and sea lions. Breathe the freshest of ionized ocean air. Experience incredible underwater diving just below your desk.

Where else will you ever find all this?

On the SookePoint Site Plan, you’ll see our Ocean Cottages and Surfside Yacht Suite sites.

The ‘Gold Coast’ marks the area that is only 5 to 15 metres (16 to 50 feet) from the ocean. Red dots mark what is already ‘Sold’.

You can see there’s proven demand and limited space along our west-facing Gold Coast that features such exciting whale & storm watching, abundant marine action, surging surf and romantic sunsets.

When these sites are gone, they are gone. There’ll never be a comparable. Not even close.

More Nature created this Masterpiece. We are just grateful to have the best best Front Row seats.

SookePoint is surrounded by bibrant living art. Our windows, desks & sliding glass walls are simply attractive picture frames that showcase the spectacular natural environment.

If you want a full immersion experience and a love affair with nature, you can live at SookePoint anytime. You can secutre low homeowner mortgage rates, and when not in residence, benefit from hybrid zoning to earn premium overnight resort rental income. You can even add one or two ‘Bonue Suites’ to maximize your income potential.

For truly unique front-row oceanfront, with unobstructed natural views forever, your Ocean Cottage or Surfside Yacht Suite can be secured with just 10% down. All deposits earn you interests with no risk of construction or delivery, plus include full protection with B.C.’s 2, 5 & 10-year Home Warrant Plan. All suites come furnished & accessorized, complete with cozy duvets and celebratory champagne glasses.

Act soon for your very best selection.

Visit SookePoint at 1000 Silver Spray Drive, Sooke – Greater Victoria, just 43 km (26 miles) from downtown Victoria BC, Canada.
It’s under an hour from the airport and ferries, and half that to theatre and superstores. Yet it’s really an entire world away.

SookePoint is open 10 AM to 5 PM (or longer) every day, and anytime by appointment.
Text 604.329.4297; Email: or Call the Show Cottage at 250.642.0350

See videos of all the whales & sea life swimming right below at
Sales made only by Disclosure Statement. E&OE Prices subject to change without notice.