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Boulevard Magazine Article Featuring Sookepoint

Sookepoint Homes Imitate Life on Luxury Yacht

Download and read this great article in Vancouver's Boulevard Magazine featuring Sookepoint Ocean Cottages.


Construction Update - June 2017


Virtual Tour of Cottage 45

Can't make a trip to our Show Cottage in Sooke? No problem! Enjoy a virtual tour of our beautiful Ocean Cottage 45:

This 3 bedroom, 3 bath, plus office home, boasts a private patio deck with Hot Tub and is overlooking Orca Alley, Possession Point and the Olympic Mountains.

Ocean Cottage 45 has 3 floors. The upper level has a 3rd bedroom, an office, and a huge great room with large deck, plus an oversized kitchen with island that seats 8.

The middle floor has 2 bedrooms, both where you can lie in bed and watch the whales in Orca Alley, each with ensuite bathrooms and the laundry room as shown in the tour.


Cottage 45 is currently FOR SALE - listed price: $1,895,000

For more information, please email us at

Life is Better by the Sea!

Construction Update - June 2017


New Road at SookePoint!

SookePoint now features a brand new paved road from the main entry on Silver Spray Drive, down to the Possession Point Cottages and our Show Cottage.

We encourage you to take a drive out to our Show Cottage to see our new road and amazing progress to date. The Show Cottage is open daily from 10am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 10am to 5:30pm Sat, Sun and holidays. For more information please call us at 250-642-0350 or email

SookePoint: Like No Where Else!

Construction Update - June 2017


New Landscaping at SookePoint!

SookePoint is now home to many new trees, flowers, hummingbirds, bees and more! In May, we planted several types of Vancouver Island indigenous trees and plants around the Ocean Cottages at Possession Point. While they were being planted, the trees and flowers were already attracting beautiful hummingbirds and busy bees. The abundance of life at SookePoint is growing on a daily basis. The landscaping has created a wonderful natural setting, as well as privacy for these cottage in Phase one.


We welcome you to come take a look at our landscaping and amazing progress. The Show Cottage is open daily from 10am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 10am to 5:30pm Sat, Sun and holidays.

"To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow" - Audrey Hepburn

Construction Update - June 2017

Rock Planter Walls

Our master stone Mason has been very busy working away at our unique, custom planter walls that surround the ocean cottages at Possession Point. All the rocks used in these gorgeous rock walls are native to SookePoint and each are literally hand placed and manually adjusted to perfection. Come take a look at these amazing works of art and visit our Show Cottage, open daily from 10am to 5pm or 5:30pm weekends.

Spring - Summer 2017 Newsletter

SookePoint is Super Natural

We have now reached several milestones at SookePoint and write to share information on progress and improvements. Despite our modest advertising budget, interest in SookePoint has been growing steadily.

With now over 95 pre-sale commitments and a new round of two-year financing, we are on our way to deliver the unique front row nature experience that only our exceptional wild west coast & wilderness park-side peninsula can offer.

Anything remotely comparable in B.C. is much farther north, where it’s colder and wetter. Even Port Renfrew, just 90 minutes up the coast has more than 3 times the rain, while Tofino and Ucluelet have over 5 times the precipitation.

As a recent appraisal described: SookePoint offers ‘Unique, unrestricted immediacy to the ocean & parklands, and a quieter oasis that is unparalleled on Vancouver Island’.

We have energized our new underground servicing connections and the first 25 Ocean Cottages and Suites in Phase One have electrical power, water and operational sewer connections. Drywall, millwork, fireplaces, tiles and kitchen cabinets are all in progress for spring and summer occupancies.

The street-side stonework is finished for Ocean Cottages 44 through 51, as are all external stone stairs. The natural stone planters are also complete and now ready for spring planting.

‘SookePoint Place’ is the name we’ve chosen for the new road that will extend to a roundabout at the end of the Point. In the next few weeks we will be moving all the large construction material containers to a new location so that we can bring in more gravel and add the first lift of new pavement.

Once SookePoint Place is paved and the landscaping is in, our street side exterior will be beautifully transformed.

A second layer of pavement will be added later, to cover up any scuffs that may occur during construction. At that time, all parking spaces will be finished with attractive pavers.

In addition, we’ll be installing a new Security Building with a gate and cameras at the entrance to the SookePoint Lands.

You will see below that we propose significant structural upgrades for future SookePoint Ocean Cottages & Suites. In fact we have already registered 26 new home warranties and filed the first 6 ICF building permit applications.

We believe there will be beneficial paybacks for everyone, and for your overall strata maintenance budget, if we have Ocean Cottages made of insulated concrete and steel. In the event of unexpected weather, wear and tear or natural disaster, we’d all like SookePoint to be virtually ‘bullet-proof’.

Swap Logic


Some folks enjoy using the leverage of a 10% deposit to secure their SookePoint investment for an extended period. If their property appreciates by 10% in the interim, they may earn 100% on funds invested. They also earn interest on funds in the law firm’s trust account.

That's why some may be willing to swap an Agreement of Purchase for another Ocean Cottage or Surfside Yacht Suite with someone else who may wish to move in earlier. If this concept interests you, please email Michael, Rick or Joann @

Optional New Construction Upgrades

We have been studying new construction options for our Surfside Yacht Suite Buildings, which will be made of concrete and steel. As we shared information with several of our Owners, they expressed a preference to include this more current technology in the construction of their own Ocean Cottage.

After months of further research, we are now convinced that ICF construction is a significantly worthwhile structural upgrade that offers exceptional benefits, especially for such a dramatic front row environment that faces out to the open ocean like Sunset Ridge & Sunset Shores at SookePoint.

ICFs are Insulated Concrete Forms made with two layers of 2.625 inches of expanded polystyrene foam. The 5.25 inches of foam is non-toxic and fire-retardant and substantially improves both thermal and sound insulation. ICFs are fitted together like Lego blocks, and ours will be filled inside with rebar, plus a mix of concrete and Helix steel micro-rebar fibres.
By using ICF construction around the perimeter of each building, rising all the way up to the roof, we will be able to create fully insulated concrete and steel walls that are truly comparable in strength to the ancient volcanic rock peninsula upon which we sit.

If you search for ‘Helix Steel – Earthquake Proofing Concrete’ you’ll find an informative University of Michigan video.

You can also find videos that show 250 mph tornado impact tests on Helix reinforced tornado storm shelters and homes, and even blast tests using military grade C4 explosives.

Using this new technology, we can make our outside walls far stronger than wood frame. We will also replace wood joists with steel slabs upon which we will pour 5-inch concrete floors, about three times thicker than what we have now. This additional mass will significantly improve structural strength and sound insulation.

Initially we estimated the cost to upgrade a 2-bedroom Ocean Cottage to ICF would be over $12,000. However, if enough Owners wish to upgrade to reinforced concrete and steel, we hope to realize economies of scale and finish a 2-bedroom suite for an extra $9,500, and a one-bedroom for an extra $6,800.

As we subsidized several upgrades in Phase One, we are willing to subsidize any structural upgrade cost over-runs. We will also pay for new fibreglass windows for Owners that upgrade, to further improve building energy efficiency and durability.

ICF benefits include:

  1. ICF structures can withstand hurricane winds of up to 402 kph (250 miles per hour). They achieve ‘Disaster Resilient’ standards that far exceed wind-driven rain and sea spray.
  2. Unlike wood, concrete is non-combustible. In addition to peace of mind, improved fire protection can reduce your annual cost of fire insurance.
  3. Steel studs replace wood studs for interior walls, eliminating any risk of warping or rot.
  4. Insulated concrete exterior walls combined with thicker steel and concrete interior floor slabs will make Ocean Cottages much quieter than possible with wood frame.
  5. The concrete floor systems are strong enough to clear span from side to side, creating the flexibility for future internal renovations, if an Owner later so wishes.
  6. ICF thermal walls significantly reduce annual heating costs.
  7. Reinforced concrete offers better durability, with less repair and maintenance than wood, which has a limited lifespan.
  8. Improved air quality is another potential benefit. Walls are solid concrete with insulation on both sides, reducing the risk of water penetration and mold.
  9. There are no easy entry ports or hollow walls for bugs or rodents to access or breed.
  10. There is little waste and minimal energy required to make and use. ICF’s, so they are billed as very eco-friendly.

You can learn more about ICF construction at:

Helix Twisted Steel Micro Rebar is a 3-dimensional concrete reinforcement technology that has 4 times the tensile strength of rebar and one-third the weight. It quantifiably increases shear strength, durability and ductility while providing industry leading pre-crack capabilities.

For more information on Helix visit: For information on steel floors, see Bailey ‘Comslab’ at:

Since this significant structural upgrade will represent a relatively small fraction of your overall purchase price, we believe it is worth your careful consideration, as this upgrade will never again be possible after building plans are filed and construction begins.

If you believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you may wish to invest a relatively tiny premium and build in reinforced insulated concrete and steel to earn significant dividends year after year in building strength, durability, maintenance, energy savings, and in sound, wind, storm, earthquake and fire protection.

For these reasons, we also believe that ICF SookePoint Ocean Cottages will have growing desirability, and enjoy a high, long-term market value.

When we are ready to finalize your structural plans, we will ask if you’d like to proceed with ICF walls with steel slab concrete floors and fibreglass windows, or as originally planned with wood framing and vinyl windows.

Thank you again for choosing to be part of our SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort Community.

Population Growth

New data shows the population of Sooke far outpaced national and provincial growth rates over the last five years. According to the 2016 Census reported by Statistics Canada, Sooke’s population has grown by 13.7 per cent to 13,001 people since the last census in 2011.

Sooke experienced almost triple the national growth rate of 5%, and far more than double the 5.6% population increase within British Columbia. One new school was opened last year and applications have been filed for four more schools.

While the census indicated Sooke ranked No. 2 in growth among all Vancouver Island municipalities, our next-door municipality of Langford was No. 1, growing 20.9% to 35,342.
The growth pattern in Sooke and the West Shore communities is a surprise to few. “There was a sense we were going to see growth,” said Sooke Mayor Maja Tait, adding that in the last year there have been records set in building permits, developments and home sales.

Such an accelerating increase in our surrounding population means more and more people will be living within half an hour from SookePoint. This will provide us with a conveniently expanded workforce, and increasing demand for our spectacular natural sanctuary and seaside amenities.

The Metropolitan Area of Greater Victoria (13 municipalities including Sooke & Langford) had a population of 367,770 in 2016, making it the 15th most populous urban region in Canada.

Orca Alley Right Below!


Orca Alley Ocean Cottage 45 has just become available. It’s perfect for both a full-time private home and a 3-bedroom premium luxury private vacation residence that will command exceptionally high rates.

This custom-designed Ocean Cottage is wheelchair accessible with 1,763 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an office.

The large kitchen includes an island that comfortably seats 8 and the adjoining Great Room with sliding glass doors to the prow shape deck is wonderful for entertaining.

Pre-wired for a solar panel, a Tesla Power Wall, and an outdoor electric car charger, there’s also a full-size laundry room, a walk-in closet and stone stairs down to an undercover deck with special permission for your private hot-tub.

Both bedrooms on the middle floor have their own ensuite bathrooms and deck with furniture positioned so you can see down into Orca Alley.

Yes, you can actually watch the whales, surf & sea lions from in bed! There’s nothing like Ocean Cottage 45 anywhere. See it to believe it.

Orca Alley Ocean Cottage 47A

47A features the largest private deck closest to the action on Orca Alley. With 988 sf, both bedrooms have an ensuite, and there’s even an extra powder room for guests.

The sliding glass wall opens to either side of the great room and kitchen, to create an amazing whale-watching sanctuary on the vibrant edge of nature.