SookePoint Ocean Cottages

Fifty million years ago, molten lava flowed south into the Salish Sea, forming a solid rock peninsula we call SookePoint. This is the extreme SW Tip of Canada, surrounded by a rich undersea garden that attracts an abundance of salmon and magnificent marine mammals.

To deliver a lifetime of amazing front row experiences, SookePoint has special approval to build ‘Ocean Cottages’ & ‘Yacht Suites’ three to six times closer to the water than almost anywhere else.

Here you’ll feel like you’re on a luxury adventure cruise, with nautical prow-shape decks and huge opening walls of glass that maximize your line of sight, from the sky above deep into the emerald sea below.

Discover our Ocean Cottage Yacht Suites

One Bedroom Suites

646 to 717 sq ft

Sleeps up to 4

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Two Bedroom Suites

1,014 to 1,340 sq ft

Sleeps up to 6

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All new Ocean Cottages are constructed using heavy-duty insulated concrete forms with steel and concrete floors, safely anchored on solid rock, as close as 5 metres (16 feet) from the ocean.

Each SookePoint Ocean Cottage is thoughtfully finished and accessorized, complete with appliances, furniture, art, cozy duvets and celebratory champagne glasses.