Explore SookePoint and Canada’s South Pacific

Aerial Panorama

Heroes Charity Video

Mission Possible ~ SookePoint Adventure!

Concept before becoming SookePoint

Ocean Cottage Yacht Deck View

Calm Day at Surfside with Surging Surf

SookePoint SW Tip of Canada ‘Swirlpool’

Swirlpool from Ocean Cottage 43 above

SookePoint: Surf’s Up at Orca Islet

Kayaking through Orca Alley

SeaSpray Cove Lodge Site at SookePoint

Storm Watching: Wilderness Park 50′ Spray

Orca Alley Kayak Surfing at SookePoint!

Another Day in Paradise

Sea Lion Central Sail-past at Surfside

Orca Alley ~ Resident Orcas Eastbound

Orca Alley ~ Resident Orcas Westbound

Sea Lion Central Orcas at Surfside

Humpbacks in Moonlight Bay