New Surfside Yacht Suites

Sail into the Sunset

If you are interested in securing the finest ringside seats for exciting nature shows, romantic sunsets and adrenaline storm watching on the leading edge of Canada’s South Pacific, nothing can compare to a Surfside Yacht Suite.

Surfside will have only seven levels of Yacht Suites, with elevator access to seaside homes at various heights below the cliff, stepping down ever-closer to our most dramatic surf, storm-watch and sunset oceanfront.

Waves roll into Surfside Isle from the open Pacific, where depending on the rhythm, of the sea, you’ll hear everything from a gentle whisper to a surround-sound symphony, complete with a visual orchestra of surging surf, cascading waterfalls and swirling silver spray.

Surfside Yacht Suites have all of our best Ocean Cottage features built into a much larger concrete structure, plus some expansive layouts with opulent extras, an underground parkade and a panoramic roof-top garden. In addition, Surfside also has some of our most affordable hotel-size suites for personal use, investment and vacation rental.

And for those who love terrestrial whale watching, where we are captivated and the orcas swim free, you can’t beat a Surfside Yacht Suite, right at the intersection of Orca Alley & Sea Lion Central.

Surfside Floor Plans