Where Victoria meets the Wild West Coast


SookePoint Ocean Cottages are so unbelievably close to the sea, it’s like sailing on a luxury yacht, along with all the comforts of home.

Every SookePoint Ocean Cottage and Yacht Suite is thoughtfully designed to enhance your oceanfront experience. With entry trellises, lush landscaping, privacy walls, nautical prow-shaped decks, high ceilings and oversize walls of glass that open wide to the ever-changing ocean and its abundance of exciting marine life, you can choose from one to three levels, offering various heights and angles to gaze down into nature’s aquarium.

Anchored to the leading edge of a solid ‘iron-rock’ peninsula that juts out deep into the ocean, Ocean Cottages and Yacht Suites are designed for adrenaline cruising on the Wild West Coast.

There are few places in the world that are nicer than the west coast during the spring, summer and fall. And, winter storm watching from a snug ocean cottage is an exhilarating bonus!

On days when there’s big surf and ocean spray, sea squalls or an exciting storm, you’ll feel like you’re on a maritime adventure, sailing through the currents, tides and waves on a powerful ship.

And each and every day, your prow-shape deck with overheight glass cuts the sea breeze and opens up the sound and sights of whales, eagles, seals, sea lions and surging surf below.

(To see some of our ‘Nosey Neighbours’, click on the Photos tab.)

Whether you decide to call this exceptional seaside community home, or earn premium overnight rental income from our dual destination resort zoning, you have a wonderfully unique selection of designs and locations from which to choose:

Surftside Yacht Suites

Future ‘Surfside Yacht Suites’ just 5 metres (16 feet) from the ocean beside the SW Tip of Canada Pavilion will allow you to customize your design with from 700 to over 3,000 square feet on a single level, with optional lock-off rental accommodation and elevator access from underground parking.

Surfside will have an expansive roof-top garden, and a limited number of exclusive Yacht Suites at various ‘ocean level’ heights below the cliff, each stepping down ever-closer to the water.

Reserve your favorite of stunning ocean angles to the south, west and northwest, featuring Orca Alley, Sunset Reef, Emerald Bay and the Olympic Mountains.

Here you’ll enjoy our biggest surf surround-sound and always be front row to Sea Lion Central and the entrance to Orca Alley.

Surfside will offer truly world-class ringside seats to watch whales, eagles, seals, sea lions and other exciting marine life in their native habitat.

Romantic sunsets, the elusive green flash, and everything from calm seas to epic storm watching with thunderous waves crashing into Surfside Isle will all be part of the majestic west coast experience.

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SookePoint Ocean Cottages

From west-facing Ocean Cottages you’ll also enjoy the big surf, wild storm-watching, stunning sunsets and adventure vacation views from Orca Alley to Sea Lion Central, with its diverse abundance of marine activity.

Facing south, you’ll be within a sheltered hotspot on the extreme SW tip of Vancouver Island, looking across to Donaldson Island and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, and our own Mount Olympus.

Looking east you can watch the sun and moon rise over the majestic Wilderness Park, and at night across Moonlight Bay, see the distant twinkle of Port Angeles.

Ocean Cottages & Yacht Suites have permanently unobstructed views that extend over two hundred thousand acres of forever natural ocean, forest and mountain park.

Choose your rare piece of paradise!

All SookePoint Ocean Cottages and Yacht Suites are part of our ‘Private Residence Club’, which allows unlimited personal use, first mortgage financing at low homeowner rates, plus the unusual ability to benefit from premium overnight resort rental income.

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